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Wraith Squadron novel being written!

According to the Star Wars Books Facebook group, it was announced at Celebration V today that Aaron Allston is writing a new Wraith Squadron novel!


So, I've decided to tackle my old arch-nemesis: The Fanfic100 table. Fear not, though. This time, I'm not doing full-length fics. I'm doing drabbles/ficlets for it.

They're Luke/Mara, whom I've kind of become obsessed with lately. Aaaand, since Luke founded Rogue Squadron, and all. He counts. Suck it up, farmboy haters. :p

Anyway, I'm posting them in batches of twenty. They run the gamut from fun to sad to sexy and they have all kinds of ratings. I will mark, however, if I think that a batch contains pure smuttiness.

Title: Batch #1 of ficlets

Fandom: Star Wars

Pairing: Luke Skywalker/Mara Jade (Skywalker)

Rating: G all the way to light R this time. No smut.

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Looking for fanfic...

Has anyone seen a story where Wedge is stranded on a planet with no way to contact the rebellion. The rebellion assumes he's dead and even has a memorial for him. It would have been at least 4 years ago or more that I read this.

First Challenge


The first Challenge is running @ x_wing_stillnes 
Feel free and join this new Community for the Star Wars Pilots
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New Star Wars Icontest Community

I have made a new Star Wars Icontest Community today
The Focus on this Community is on the Pilots from Star Wars

Feel free and join this Community
I post the first Challenge when the Community has 10 Members

I hope that this Post is okay :)

More Wes Janson Icons

I add 10 other Icons on my Wes Janson Icontable

Themes: 003: double image, 007: alter the color, 009 rotate, 012: supersaturated, 013: play with lights, 014: little squares, 015: not centered, 016: textures and/or brushes, 019 personal text and o20: 'How Stange, Innocence.'


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More here

7 Icons ~ Claim Wes Janson


15 Star Wars icons. X-Wing series.
Take, credit, enjoy :0)

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Finished my Claim Derek "Hobbie" Klivian

All Icons can you found here


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Another Pilot Claim @ scifivariations

On this Claim is my Focus on Derek "Hobbie" Klivian
You can find the first 10 Icons here in my Graphicjournal


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